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The traditional Dalmatian tavern Corsaro in the Town of Krk, situated on the main waterfront, will fulfil all of your gastronomic desires and dreams.

Fresh fish, shellfish and crabs from local fishermen as well as food from the grill, pastas and deserts will satisfy even the most demanding guest.

Get to know ancient and tried-and-true recipes, see for yourself what our ancestors used to eat. Discover a world of delicious meals in which the food is home-made and fresh, and the combinations absolutely irresistible.

For your complete pleasure, there is a pallet of high-quality wines at your disposal, out of which we recommend the indigenous Žlahtina for starters.

Besides the friendly staff, all of this is guaranteed by the owner of the tavern Corsaro, a great sea and fishing enthusiasts and renowned Krk restaurant owner.

You are not sure what fish to select? You are not quite certain which wine goes with which food? Don't worry, our experienced staff will help you in this sweet dilemma in order to make your enjoyment complete.

And while they are making sure your meal is prepared perfectly, the beautiful view of the sea and the unintrusive rustic atmosphere will make sure that you are completely relaxed.

As many others before you, we hope that you will also become one of our dear regular guests.

The combination of tradition and quality in a homey atmosphere is a great formula for gastronomic pleasure and a nice retreat from everyday life.

One of the most beautiful destinations on the Adriatic is certainly the Island of Krk. The tavern Corsaro is here to complete your dream vacation and to remind you that food has been created for us to enjoy it!

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